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I Love My SaYa!

I received an FB message from Jac Lutanco-Chua, one of my favorite editors from Summit Publishing. She is writing a Smart Parenting article entitled "How to be Happy New Parents." She wrote: "What tricks/tactics did you employ to make the various challenges that you faced—i.e breastfeeding, getting baby to sleep, finding time for yourself, looking for the right yaya, etc.—easier to deal with?"
 There are just so many things to share, but top of mind, this is what I came up with:  
As a first-time mom, I was scared to carry my newborn. I also didn't get a yaya. One of the things that really helped me is the SaYa Carrier which was invented by my college batchmate Buding Aquino-Dee. It's a cloth-type carrier that is super flexible. You can wear your baby in many ways. Plus, it's not bulky like some of the carriers available in the market. Baby is kiss-height so you can cuddle him/her anytime, snug-fit so you don't worry about the baby falling to the ground. It helped me carry her out of the hospital and into the car. And then helped me move around with her without fear. As she grew heavier, I appreciated that it supported my back so I could carry her wtihout strain. She's 13 months now and is still very happy to be in it. Yesterday we were at the mall and she was breastfeeding in it as we strolled (Yes, it also serves as a breastfeeding cover). She fell asleep in it afterwards. 

Mishca enjoying being in her SaYa at 7 months!
My mom was both amazed and amused! She saw how her grandchild happily fed as she were walking in SM. And we did so discreetly without anyone  noticing. 
I really love my SaYa. I think it's one of the best things I ever bought for myself and my baby. It gave me a sense of freedom in that I had more confidence in bringing my baby every where. Since I can carry her basically hands-free, it gave me the opportunity to do other things as I am taking care of my

 I wish I can give this as a gift to every new mom! Even to every daddy and nanny!  In fact, my husband and I bought a second pair of SaYa for him to wear.

Mishca, her SaYa and I have gone a lot of places: to the malls, to church, to the market,  to the beach, to airports and airplanes, to almost every where it isn't illegal to bring a baby. Wherever we go, we get a lot of approving stares and smiles. I also get asked a lot by moms where they can buy it. I sometimes think I should become a SaYa distributor.

Some people frown at using baby carriers because they say it can make the baby bow-legged. I checked this with my pediatrician when during Mishca's early months. She told me it isn't true. Also since SaYa is made of soft cloth, unlike those bulky imported carriers, it won't constrict the baby's legs or hamper development.

To help you decide if the SaYa is right for you and your baby, do read the blogs of these wise moms:

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